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This best Italian dining in Marshfield Wisconsin, find out for yourself!

Chef's Recommendations

Bourbon Chicken

A moist chicken breast blackened and tossed with...

Tortellini Alla Carbonara

Fresh cheese filled tortellini pasta prepared...

Italian Beef

Sliced Italian beef served on Italian hoagie...

Location and hours of operation

M-S 6:30AM -9PM Sun 6:30AM -8PM

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Restaurant

It’s wonderful to have an Italian themed restaurant in Marshfield. The employees are wonderful, parking is ample, the food is excellent, the prices are good, the pictures and paintings are beautiful,and The Gondolier is open for all three meals and open every day. You don’t have to wonder what day they are closed like most other restaurants. We highly recommend The Gondolier.
D. Fuglsang

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